Stefano has loved music since he was a child. His mother was a piano teacher and infused the love for music in him. He started studying music with her when he was 8. Many years after, he fell in love with tango, and since then, he's never stopped dancing. He started studying Tango in Italy and he continued in many countries across Europe. When he moved to the US he continued to study tango with the best American and Argentine teachers constantly refining and improving his dance. His interaction with such a diverse group of Tango teachers, allowed him to develop a strong technique, great musicality and a remarkable variety of steps. He studied wit: Miguel Zotto, Gustavo Naivera, Graciela Gonzalez an Micheal Walker.

Stefano was selected as Tango dancer for the Music Video produced by Gord Bamford for Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc. Director of the Video  was the multi Award Winner Barberis Stefano.  In July 2013 the newspaper Arizona Daily Star published an article about Stefano's Tango class "Getting into the feel of Tango" - (Arizona Daily Star June 27th 2013). 

As event organizer Stefano was the Director of the "Tango and Art" events in Phoenix during 2013. He hosted, DJ  and taught for 2 years at "L Milonga" in Phoenix during 2012 and 2013. 

Stefano loves social dancing and stage tango. He has performed in numerous shows, private and corporate events. He has a unique teaching method that allows his student to learn and improve quicker. 

His passion for tango changed his life forever….