What dancers say about him

 "Once we met Stefano we immediately were relaxed and excited by his passion for the music, for the dance, and for his job as a teacher. He is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and did a great job of keeping us relaxed and having fun. He has the ability to deliver instructions precisely. He offered immediate feedback to improve our focus and style. We both learned a lot and had fun. Stefano is a terrific teacher" Tom

"Stepping into the tango embrace with Stefano: even the very first time felt like the familiar recognition of one of those great story lines that are just written so incredibly well - with just the right amount of plot twists, full of character, intrigue, tenderness, and spice... delightful and delicious dancing." Annette

"Stefano takes the time to not only explain the steps, but demonstrates it with each student so that they can feel the body mechanics described. His workshops are positive and insightful, ideal for both beginners and experienced dancers" JH

"I've really enjoyed taking lessons with Tanguero Stefano. He is an  intuitive tanguero instructor with a very pleasant personality, a great communicator, focuses on the student's needs, knows what to emphasize, how to break down challenging areas in a meaningful way, and makes very good use of the full lesson time for my benefit." MF

"Stefano is FUN! Dancing is about having fun and it is important to have a positive and supportive instructor. Stefano fits the bill. His great sense of humor makes learning Tango a very positive experience!" MC

"As a dance instructor, Stefano gives great attention to detail. He noticed some basic things about my posture and stance that I took from his class to incorporate into every Milonga. He is upbeat and makes learning Tango enjoyable" KR

"Stefano's teaching style is very well-rounded, his beginner lessons are easy for beginners to pick up and use right away, because he give them step by step instruction, and each step building on the last. As for advanced lessons, it is challenging and yet practical. The moves he teaches are not just routines, they are useful steps and concepts that leave room for you to modify and make it your own, overall, I would recommend all dancer of any level to attend his class, because you will always learn something new from his class" Ben.

"Generous" would be a word I would use to describe Stefano as a teacher and a dancer. His knowledge of tango is extensive and vast and what he shares in one private or a group class is incomparable to any other teacher I've experienced. As a student, I felt I was learning true "Argentine Tango" from a master of his craft, from someone who is both authentic and passionate. Stefano makes Tango "user friendly". As a dancer, Stefano dances with elegance, strength and humility. What a gift to be his partner for a tanda! He makes anyone he dances with look and feel great! I felt at ease, confident and capable. That is how Tango should be! I know without a doubt I would not be at the level I am in my Tango without Stefano as my instructor." Susan

 "Stefano's group teaching was very thorough and precise.  He knows his material and instructs his students in a manner which they understood.  He helped students perform each sequence before going on to the next level."

"Dancing with Stefano is a real pleasure and fun.  His lead is gentle and firm.  He is easy to follow and I would recommend both is teachings and dancing without hesitation."